A Tile for Every Application

Italia’s product portfolio is a perfect curation of ceramics that allow you to create the perfect finish to any aspect of your project. The combination of versatile aesthetic characteristics along with technical qualities are unmatched by any other covering material.

Italia’s porcelain range comes in varying sizes, from 30x60cm, up to 150x300cm slabs. The latest printing technology allows these tiles to recreate the look of much loved materials such as wood, or marble, without chopping down a tree or burrowing through a mountain.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Ceramics

  • Multiple finishes for different areas of your project
  • Zero Maintenance after installation
  • Lower environmental impact than alternative materials
  • Longer lifespan than alternative materials
  • A wider choice of aesthetic characteristics
Since 2004, Italia has been helping both end users and design professionals with their ceramics requirements. Our clients have benefitted from a great product portfolio combined with a unique service proposition that is unmatched in the UK market.

Italia has always strived to make the best use of technological advances to benefit our clients. Our latest addition is the rendering studio at our showroom. Our clients can now book a session with one of our consultants, where we can create the visual designs that will make the decision making process easier. Visualisations can then be provided, even in 360 degrees! This is just another example of how we can create real value for our clients.

We’re also very conscious of our impact on the environment, and, along with our partners, have made strides to making the environmental impact of our products and logistical processes as minimal as possible. Some of our products are manufactured with as much as 80% recycled content, while all are highly recyclable at the end of their lifecycle.